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Dianthus Flowers

Dianthus Flowers

Welcome on the website of Dianthus Flowers!

The carnation is a beautiful flower which deserves special attention! The international growers join forces to spread the beauty and power of the Dianthus (carnation).

Interesting floral work can be created with a carnation. The excellent vase life makes the flower suitable for many purposes: as an eyecatcher in a bouquet or as a beautiful detail in an impressive object. The versatility of the carnation with its wide-ranging colour palette and surprisingly different shapes. Allow you to use carnations in contemporary floral designs.

By using and present the carnation in different ways we hope that you, like the florist, will experiment with this surprising flower! The inspiration with the beautiful carnation is presented to you by all carnation growers of Flower Auction Royal FloraHolland.

The inspirational content shows you that a carnation bouquet or arrangement expresses exactly what you would like to say. Carnations are strong and unique: they make a difference. You can find a few examples of innovative and interesting carnation designs on this page. Innovative inspiration with Dianthus Flowers is shared on the online platforms of Cinefleur and Flower Factor!

“The Carnation is strong and different, just like the florist!”

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Dianthus designs

Ideas on how to use Dianthus or Carnations in floral designs. With so many stunning varieties to choose from, whether it’s a standard carnation or spray carnation, the possibilities to use them in flower arrangements are endless.

The big flower heads of the standard Carnation provide a powerful statement in any design. And varieties such as the Star Snow or petit Raffine are different and interesting and will do well with your customers.

That’s why we’d like to share some floral design ideas with the trendy Dianthus; surprise your customer with original arrangements with these long lasting beauties! 

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